Sustainable Agriculture and Technology

We provide tools and resources to aspiring agricultural and Technology entrepreneurs to develop and manage viable farm-based (including livestock) related enterprises. The Incubator supports to reduce the traditional barriers of success for new farm-related businesses by providing access to shared equipment, infrastructure, low-interest capital, business mentoring and training in advanced business skills.

Even we facilitate access to Technologies and Partnerships to create a low-risk environment to greatly increase the likelihood of business viability and success.

Our Focus Areas under this investment theme:

  • Technology in Agriculture – Precision Farming techniques and related areas
  • Rural Focused SMEs
  • Bio-mechanics focused manufacturing
  • Rural SME focused electricity initiatives
  • Farm Produce based logistics initiatives

Clean Energy and Automation

With disruptive innovation increasing across all areas of the energy industry from rural background to Urban; we feel clean energy entrepreneurs and incubators needs to collaborate with industry stakeholders

We focus on wide areas like distributed generation, automation, sensors, micro grids, electric carts for farm transportations and rural transportation, and storage and manage bio-waste-to-energy initiatives for production, distribution, design and marketing of appliances etc.

It’s our motto to Create self-reliance on off-grid ventures to eradicate energy backwardness in a sustainable way.

Rural Focused Health and Wellness

It is the need of time to facilitate innovation in health sector to overcome several challenges facing by our rural India. We have our focus on to foster entrepreneurs whose products and services strive to improve women-children related sanitary conditions / nutrition issues.

Develop advisory services to doctors in rural areas for enhancing professional skills (create a professional networking platform for doctors in rural areas to interact with their counterparts anywhere in the world for solutions / professional enhancement) Wellness initiatives in semi-urban and tier-2 /3 towns with a focus on secondary healthcare.

Education and Skill

To foster innovation at the Grass-root level to train, educate and skill school going children and youth. Kickstart fearless innovation in rural areas to train market-ready graduates to be skilled and mentored to pursue various business avenues – Develop Entrepreneurship. To achieve the mission of eradicating poverty through skilling & employment of rural graduates to aid “Make in India” – in close association with Industry clusters in areas nearby traditional skills and products of women artisans to be given focus and avenues to monetization (i.e.,) thereby create steady-income opportunities.