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The Indigram Labs offers challenging employment and consulting opportunities for people who can align with our goals and mission. Indigram Labs seeks employees and consultants who have a strong interest and passion in seeing technology innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed, and have a strong “service” ethos.

We also welcome applications for specialized functions relating to incubation/ investment/ innovation management/ support functions all through the year.

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We’re always looking for dynamic individuals with experience in the fields of business, finance, social impact, entrepreneurship, etc. who can share their skills with our entrepreneurs.

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Indigram Labs has a strong set of mentors most of whom have prior start up experience, or a strong intrapreneurial stint during their corporate or academic career. For detailed profile of mentors click here

Indigram Labs works with entrepreneurs building an innovative solution as per the current need of the market. Mentors typically provide strategic business guidance and support on:

– Commercialization of product or service

– Customer insight gathering

– Developing customer-centric prototype

– Customer acquisition

– Strengthening business models

– Go to market

– Financial planning

– Revenue models and unit economics

– Fundraising

Mentees are the incubated companies having innovation, for-profit enterprise & significant impact on the India’s rural lives. Indigram Labs incubates and supports enterprises in the key sectors like – Agriculture & Food, Education, Healthcare and Clean Energy.

When the incubation of a start-up is being finalized, ILF would recommend a mentor from its list and introduce him/her to the company. The promoters are either free to choose from the said list or are free to have their own mentor albeit with the concurrence of ILF. The Mentee and Mentor will initially engage with each other to understand the role and contribution of each party. If the arrangement works out positively for the company, the association needs to be formalized with a suit able consideration model.

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We believe in an ecosystem of collaborators, partners, investors, service providers and more, to support social entrepreneurs of new India. To collaborate, please contact:


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    Visit us on social networks:

    Call : +91-11- 43154100

    Indigram Labs Foundation (ILF) was founded in 2015, as Technology Business Incubator with the support of NSTEDB, DST, GoI. We believe that entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to make the positive global change while remaining profitable. They have the power to change lives and livelihoods in the communities and the country. We see them as the conduit for real change and development – a ripple effect that begins with the business and moves into the community at the grassroots level.

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