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Farms2Fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Cultyvate)

Farms2Fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Cultyvate)



Farms2Fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Cultyvate)

Farms2Fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A sophisticated farm cultivation solution that integrates IoT sensors, crop models and artificial intelligence to deliver significantly higher crop yield and quality.

Incubated since: 2018    HQ: Bengaluru, Karnataka Sector: Agriculture    Sub-sector: Agri-IOT

The Entrepreneur

Mallesh is the founder of Farms2Fork Technologies (F2F) which actively promotes Precision Agriculture using IT and IoT. Mallesh has 20+ years of IT career centered around Program Management, setting up ODCs, building Centre of Excellence, improving top and bottom line thru six sigma and other process improvement and quality initiatives. He worked with Digital Equipment India Ltd, Wipro Technologies, International Programming Systems (US) and Accenture.

The Challenge

Problems usually a farmer asked:

a)      How do I know the precise water needs across growing stages for my crops?

b)      How do I know the precise nutrient requirements for my crop across stage?

c)      Can I manage the precise watering without manual intervention at affordable price?

d)      What problem we are trying to solve?

e)      How do I get correct and timely advice for my crops for pest/disease/nutrient deficiency issues?

The Solution

a)      What they offer:

b)      Crop recommendation

c)      Based on soil and agro-climatic

d)     Crop Monitoring

e)      Soil moisture, pest/disease presence/prediction & yield prediction

f)       Crop advisory

g)      Mobile based

h)      Smart irrigation system

i)        Existing and new drip irrigation systems


By using their automotive technologies Farmers may conserve water up to 15-20%& increase productivity up to 20%. Currently they are working with 4 FPO’s of Karnataka & approx. 5000 farmers to automate their farms.

Agri-tech & Allied Sector

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