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Globo Eat Pvt. Ltd.(EatWithIndia)

Globo Eat Pvt. Ltd.

At eatwithIndia it is our constant endeavour to bring together the finest ingredients from all over India and take our patrons on a culinary adventure. Members of various royal families and our chefs from all across the country have handcrafted spice mixes, condiments and preserve exclusively for eatwithIndia.

Incubated since: 2018   HQ:  Noida ,UP  Sector: Food  Sub-sector: Food Processing

The Entrepreneur

Shantanu Mahanta and Sonal Saxena are both foodoholics who love to explore food and take great pride in Indian food. They feel that Indian food is not well represented and popularized across the world. It still does not get the respect it deserves. Especially for the depth and diversity, it has.

The Challenge

EatwithIndia was born after many painful years of trying and not being able to find options for good Indian regional food. While it is good that other cuisines are gaining importance and making their presence felt in India, the same cannot be said for Indian food. How many times do you really make a plan to go out for an Indian meal? How many options do you have to try out cuisines of different states?

The Solution

Dining experiences with eatwithindia rival that of a traditional restaurant experience. Expert chefs prepare multi-course dinners for an evening of fun, social dining, connecting adventurous foodies together on communal tables, breaking the mould of individual dining and reflecting our belief that communities and friendships are formed over food.

The Impact

Their expert chefs are a mix of professional and home chefs representing new age ambassadors of Indian food. They are bringing housewives using new age technology, where they invite customers to their home for food & generate alternative income scenario.


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