Indraprastha Academy Pvt. Ltd.

Indraprastha Academy aims at providing means of livelihood to one million people by education, skill development training, access to clean energy and health. The idea is to inculcate culture of community participation in grass root activity. “A MILLION FOR A BILLION

Incubated since: 2018   HQ:  Noida, UP   Sector: Education     Sub-sector: Training & Skills

The Entrepreneur

Mr. Gaurav believes Education as the solution to all the problems in our society. If this education is connected to Livelihood through skills, the path to a happier world becomes easier. He wants to make India a world leader in education. Be it any technology, science or Art India must be torch bearer and this can be realized through quality education and livelihood opportunities for every individual.

The Challenge

India is the fastest growing large economy in the world. The distribution of the benefits of India’s growth are highly concentrated, however, with 1 percent of the population accounting for 22 percent of national income and the bottom 50 percent accounting for just 15 percent. For India to achieve equitable growth, one necessity is to enable the development of a workforce with employable skills and knowledge that can effectively contribute to and benefit from the nation’s growth

The Solution

Indraprastha Academy Foundation. Established in 2011, is the only institution situated in the industrial sector of Noida with almost 2500 companies in closest vicinity. It works as an autonomous incubator in PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP MODE (Partner -ship with Govt. of India) to cater the needs of students and industry alike. It has also partnered with NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION through various SSC to implement skill development initiatives of Ministry of Finance, Government of India


They have skilled 2000+ participants coming from varied background such as industrial workers, auto rikshwalas, students, working professionals etc. These skills ranges from soft skills, ICT training, mechanical training etc in 18 states.