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Innosapien Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Innosapien Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



Innosapien Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Innosapien Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Vision for early detection of pests, diseases and deficiency; to create disease free agriculture with the help of advanced technologies such as wearable Computing Augmented reality and plant phonemics.

Incubated since:  2018   HQ:  Delhi  Sector: Agriculture    Sub-sector: AgriTech

The Entrepreneur

Being an innovator, Sarang has always a deep interest in image processing, wearable computing, augmented reality etc. His passion to revolutionize the current agriculture by marrying with state-of-art technologies will solve the complex & widespread issues of agriculture.

The Challenge

In India, an estimated 15-25% of agricultural yield is lost due to pests, diseases and deficiencies

-Unacceptable delays in problem detection and remedy suggestion.

-Average pest’s life cycle is 8-12 days.

-An entire pest life cycle is completed before the diagnosis is done.

– Leading to permanent crop damage and massive losses to farmers.

The Solution

Innosapien Agro Technologies is developing a wearable plant phenomics device for pre-detection of pests, diseases, and deficiencies in plants. The device when ready will be able to detect pests, diseases, and deficiencies 10-15 days prior to any physical damage to the plant. The technology is still in development. The core functionality of imaging outside the visible spectrum has been established, however, the agricultural knowledge and data required for the system to interpret the imaging data are lacking.


They intend to create awareness of natural means of solving problems instead of the use of pesticides and fertilizers. They believe that nutrition can solve these problems and their product, will facilitate the use of these natural nutrition-based solutions by notifying farmers about problems in advance

Agri-tech & Allied Sector

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