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Innotech Agropostikam Pvt. Ltd. (Woodberry)

Innotech Agropostikam Pvt. Ltd. (Woodberry)



Innotech Agropostikam Pvt. Ltd. (Woodberry)

Innotech Agropostikam Pvt. Ltd

They have developed Mush D+, a technology for producing mushrooms fortified with Vitamin D. It would be the first non-GMO, a natural vehicle for vitamin D supplementation.

Incubated since: 2019    HQ:  Delhi   Sector: Food Tech  Sub-sector: Food Tech

The Entrepreneur

Dr. Sarma is involved with technology development and commercialization of laboratory-based innovations in the area of bio-energy and petroleum biotechnology for the last 17 years. He has associated TERI for 15 years. Recently, his team developed a process for the fortification of mushrooms with Vitamin D.

The Challenge

Over 70 % of the adult population have Vitamin D deficiency and it is now a concern for bone-related diseases throughout the globe. The cheapest solution is the sun, as our skin has the chemical that is converted to Vitamin D in its presence. However, current lifestyle refrains people from utilizing this source.  Hence the next best solution is mushrooms. Mushrooms are the only natural product that has the same precursor as our skin that can be converted to vitamin D.

The Solution

Innotech Agropostikam- a technology startup engages in developing and commercializing innovations as well as providing knowledge-based services on technology development with the aim of meeting societal needs and facilitating sustainable development. Their current focus is on innovations and technologies related to agriculture. In the agriculture space, they are keen to work with farming communities and farm livelihoods to form mutually beneficial associations. Engaging with the bio-based economy for the development of bioenergy and bio-chemicals is also a core area of work.

The Impact

Working with 10 Mushrooms focused FPOs & help them to get a better realization of income by value addition. They also train farmers & automate their farms with local IoT sensors & interventions.


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