Intello Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Intello Labs is India’s Most Awarded Agritech Venture&Pioneering the Concept of Non Destructive Digital Commodity Grading.

Incubated Since:  2017   HQ: Gurugram, Haryana   Sector: Agriculture    Sub-Sector: AgriTech

The Entrepreneur

Milan has 9+ years of experience in Snapdeal, Evalueserve and AbsolutData honed his skills in the areas of Big data analytics, Solution-oriented problem hacking, Machine learning, Pricing and Promotion for Retail, E-commerce and Account Management. Such vast experience helped him in the foundation of Intello labs where they aim to bring transparency by contextualizing data for Retail brands & Agriculture.

The Challenge

In Indian Agriculture, there are several inefficiencies; first of all, there is a massive issue of transparency; farmers do not have adequate knowledge of how good their product is, and hence how to price it. Similarly, commodity buyers’ face challenges with their current buying practices; they do not have a high level of confidence in current assaying processes; they look at quality reports with suspicion.

The Solution

Intello Labs aims to revolutionize agriculture by enabling farmers, traders, millers, retailers and end users in communication though images for product quality, infestation, plant health or even soil conditions.They provide advanced image recognition technology that can recognize objects, faces, flora fauna and tag them in any image. At the center of our technology are high performance deep learning algorithms on which a new generation of intelligent applications are being built for applications including agriculture, eCommerce, advertising, manufacturing and curation.


They are empowering farmers to participate and work in the digital economy.With the use of their technologies, now there is complete transparency in the system; farmers get to know – for the first time – what is their quality. Traders and intermediaries are threatened as they are slowly losing their bargaining power. Also, with the new system, there is less scope for tampering or malpractices. Hence Agri/Food companies are excited about the possibilities.