Our Core Values

Innovation & Creativity

We incubate ideas and innovations which resonate on the grassroots level.

Growing Startups & Individuals

We help innovators, new startups individuals with growth, resources & guidance. After all, Google and Apple started from garage sheds, didn’t they?

Sustainable Ideas

If your ideas make a change ecologically and help betterment of future in numerous ways, we are there to help you.

We at Indigram

We at Indigram are committed to fostering and nurturing viable business ideas in the fields of Agribusiness, Technology, Education, and Healthcare. We believe that there is no dearth of ideas but mentoring, and an initial push which will make the difference between an unfulfilled dream and a flourishing business. We are here to help you.

Cross the Rubicon! Take that step and never look back.

Some Figures to Excite You!

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Exciting and innovative ventures on-boarded so far
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Helping on-boarded startups with innovation & more


Guiding Each Startup Individually
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Entrepreneurship Development Programmes


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Our Partners

Funding Assistance


Supported by:

National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.


Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,

Government of India.

Not Just Another Incubator

Connectivity & Networking

Make new contacts & Expand your network. Meet people who share your ideas or augment your dreams. Open doors where there only used to be walls. Get leveraged from the extensive ISAP network in 18 states, 36 field offices, and experienced mentor networks.

Financing and Access to Finance

If you believe in your dream, we will help you in finding those who are willing to help & carry the dream forward. We have strong investor networks and dedicated staff that help our ventures in raising subsequent funds.

Functional Competencies

From crunching numbers to maintaining records, from hiring people to efficient administration, we got you covered. We also provide you marketing assistance, Accounting, HR and Admin Professional to meet your basic needs. Our team of high-quality but affordable service providers will have your back.

Access to Resources

Find that dream team which, will lead you to the Success. A community of innovators is the place where revolutions begin. Be a part of it. Being a part of a cohort builds a great community-feeling among our entrepreneurs. This companionship makes the entrepreneurs actively contribute to each other’s success through ideas, networks, and resources.

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