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Our mentors are the key to fast-tracking our clients. Mentors have the advice to help you avoid the potholes and the contacts to open doors for you. Some have offered to be long-term business coaches, some are available to hear your business value proposition, and some can open up their network to you.

If you see a mentor you would like to connect with, email

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We support Startups from Idea till Seed stage. Quantum of funds vary from 4 Lakhs to 1 Crore INR. Our mission to support enterprises, solving development challenges lead us to invest at the prototyping and product development phase up to early growth. We work with enterprises until the business has stabilized and exits once it is investable and scalable. We have strong investor networks and dedicated staff that help your ventures in raising subsequent funds.

Get leveraged from the extensive rural network in 18 states, 36 field offices, 25 field offices, 250+ FPO’s and access to experienced experts. Get access to vast network of innovators, investors, partners& many more.Make new contacts & Expand your network. Meet people who share your ideas or augment your dreams.

From crunching numbers to maintaining records, from hiring people to efficient administration, we got you covered. We also provide marketing assistance, Accounting, HR and Admin Professional to meet your basic needs. Our team of high-quality but affordable service providers will have your back.

  • Product field testing and evaluation
  • Feedback from actual users
  • Product validation.