• Advi Foods Pvt. Ltd.(Huga)

    Company Overview:

    Healthy and tasty alternatives for Ice-cream at 20 – 70% less energy. Delivers high protein (whey protein), low added sugar, rich in fibre and prebiotic ice creams.


    Mr Bharat Sharma

    The Problem:

    Almost 22% of Indian children are obese and face health risks. Overweight leads to risk of diseases like Heart diseases, High Cholesterol, Gout, Arthritis, Risk of cancer etc. It can be reduced by consuming healthy & balanced foods.


    The Solution :

    Premium ice creams – Low Calorie, High Protein and High Fiber catering to the Indian consumer with ‘Deliciously Healthy’ as the USP. Advi Foods offer convenience, taste and Nutritional value for our consumers.


  • Company Profile:

    Website: www.hugaicecream.in

    Incorporated: February 2018

    Name: Mr Bharat Sharma