• Agrinnov Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Agrifi)

    Company Overview:

    India’s farmers and farming are integral to India’s economy and, more importantly, to the nation’s social and cultural heritage. Agrifi founding members firmly believe in a healthy agricultural sector that helps ensures a safe and reliable food supply, improves the livelihood of farmers, contributes to employment and rural economic development. Agrifi reimagined agribusiness processes and built a unique platform to provide lending and market linkage solutions. Their services in a brief :- “Rural India is where we work. Farmers and FPOs are who we serve”


    Abhilash Thirupathy, CEO

    The Problem:

    In agriculture, Indian farmers facing problems such as :- Nutritious food is still a niche, Expensive man-power, Resource Use Inefficiency, Heavy chemical usage, Increasing wastelands, Increasing carbon footprint.


    The Solution :

    Agrifi platform brings all partners together to create a sustainable solution for Farmers/FPOs. All credible Farmers/FPOs will have a seamless access to financing, inputs, buyers, and advisory solutions at their doorstep. We deliver complete transparency and decision-making power at farmers/FPOs hands. We have an array of products to provide a seamless experience for our farmers/FPOs and partners.
    • Crop Advisory Solutions
    • Credit Score Algorithm
    • Smart Lending System
    • Market Linkage Solutions

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agriculture

    Website: http://www.agrifi.in/

    Incorporated: April, 2021

    Address: No.1/1 Peridot Plaza, Gajendra Nagar, Off Hosur, Next to Novel Business Park, Bangalore – 560030, India

    Contact No: Abhilash Thirupathy

    Email: ab@agrifi.in