• Loopworm Pvt. Ltd

    Company Overview:

    Loopworm aims to produce sustainable food & feed for tomorrow and bring food waste back into the circular loop. LoopWorm, aims to create working to create an extremely protein-rich diet for fisheries and poultry farms by farming insects to feed them using food waste that currently lands in landfills. It also provides research on value-added products like Chitosan & Lauric Acid Rich Oil which are useful to the pharmaceutical, Food processing, Water treatment, and Cosmetics industry. They also provide farming insects on food waste to produce premium quality and sustainable feed protein for Aquaculture and Poultry.


    Mr. Ankit Alok Bagaria, Founder and CEO

    The Problem:

    The major challenge addressed is stated as below:
    a) Fish-meal, a premium feed ingredient for farmed fish has witnessed 3x price rise in 10 years due to diving supply
    b) Fish-meal, is in crises as it is highly unsustainable
    c) 25% decrease in supply in last 5 years due to ocean depletion
    d) A sustainable premium feed ingredient is need of the hour

    The Solution :

    Protiworm: With the presence of 10 essential amino-acids, Protiworm is a source of natural protein-rich high-quality feed, ensuring maximum protein to mass conversion rate and FCR in the fishes.
    LipidoWorm: It is a high-quality purified insect oil that is ideal for fish, poultry, and pet food. It contains high proportions of medium chain fatty acids and providing an easily digestible source of energy. Several studies have reported an improved feed intake and additional health benefits.
    ChitoWorm: Chitin is a major product derived from BSF. It can be converted to chitosan for disruptive applications in healthcare sectors like drug- delivery, bone-cartilage repair, making dirt-free clothing in textile industry FertiWorm: Being the natural by-products of the insect breeding industry- larvae waste, exoskeleton sheds and remaining feed ingredients, our fertiliser is all-natural fertilizer that contains a nutrient dense blend of N-P-K and minerals

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri-tech

    Website: https://loopworm.in/

    Incorporated: September 2019

    Address: A/2, Shivdham, Varadvinayak line PhoolPada Road, Virar East -401303 Mumbai Thane MH 401303 IN

    Name: Mr. Ankit

    Email: abhigawri@loopworm.in