• Inceve Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

    Company Overview:

    Inceve is a primarily Marine IoT company that has developed indigenous Scanning Sonar products for Fishing & Navigation, Harbour Defence, Beach Facilities and Defense applications. INCEVE Electronics makes the narrowest beam, fastest scanning sonar for navigation on a yacht or fishing.


    Mr. Balaji Krishnammagaru – Founder

    The Problem:

    Fishermen in India still uses traditional techniques to catch fish. The fish stock is either over exploited or under exploited. Fishermen almost working on a trial and error basis. Resulting in a huge waste of time, effort, and money. Also, with climate change, the spanning patterns, availability of fish stock is not measured. The changing temperature, salinity and weather are crucial along with the sea bed conditions for effective long term solutions.


    The Solution :

    Inceve has developed FISHTRACKER, an intelligent collaborative products and solutions to add efficiency to the marine fishing industry. FISHTRACKER uses digital signal processing techniques to examine all those echoes and identify any echoes that look like large individual fish.
    Current product line:
    1. SL 160: SL 160 is the advanced single transducer element with 160 kHz searchlight sonar.

    2. SL 160 FT: Designed to identify and track individual fish digital signal processing techniques. Market in large sport fishing boats, tuna trollers/jig boats, and Alaska salmon seiners. This could also be used for fisheries management for stock assessment.

    3. SL 160 NB is a narrow beam, two 160 kHz transducers stacked vertically to achieve 1/2 the beam width of competitors, 3.75 vs 6.5. That gives potentially 2x longer detection in shallow water where seabed echoes obscure the sonar picture

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Fisheries

    Website: www.inceve.com

    Incorporated: 18 October 2016

    Address: 5 Sourabha Complex, AM Industrial Estate, Kuldu Gate, Bangalore, India.

    Name: Balaji Krishnammagaru

    Email: balaji.k@inceve.com