• Farms2Fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Cultyvate)

    Company Overview:

    CultYvate aims to revolutionize agricultural practices with their automated farming systems. Built on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), the farming solution aims at delivering a high-quality crop output. Their smart farming system measures both static and dynamic parameters to deliver accurate irrigation solutions for your crop production cycle. Their smart irrigation system functions on an advanced algorithm, which identifies and regulates water flow to crops.


    Mr. Mallesh TM, Founder

    The Problem:

    Due to improper irrigation system in India which leads to several negative impacts over crops which includes yield losses due to over-irrigation/ under irrigation, water losses & increase salinity of the soil, and high input cost.


    The Solution :

    F2F is pioneering in connecting different aspects of agriculture using IT and IoT and helps farmers in maximizing crop output. F2F has created cultYvate, a platform, that integrates IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with crop-specific models to arrive at precise activities and watering after considering various static and dynamic parameters for various crops and field combinations. With cultYvate, farmers can save 20% – 60% of water while improving crop productivity by 15% to 50%.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri-Tech

    Website: https://www.cultyvate.com/

    Incorporated: June 2016

    Address: No 322,5th Main, Vijaya Bank Colony BTM 4th Phase Bangalore Bangalore KA 560076 India.

    Name: Mr. Mallesh TM

    Email: mallesh@cultYvate.com