Company Overview:

    KhetiM a spices-focused agri-marketplace, modernizing the spices farming by offering full-stack solution across the value chain


    Mr. Chirag Gupta, founder, CEO

    The Problem:

    Lack of access to buyers, falls prey to price  manipulation at APMCs Logistical difficulties, inefficient practices & time consuming process  Farmers relies on credit, high interestrates & difficult to access Untimely deliveries, logistical & trust issues. Gets blended, uncategorized quality and insufficient supply Difficult to find sellers & hefty prices

    The Solution :

    Data intelligence: Building recommendations for crop advisory & credit profiling
    Agri Community: Learn and exchange renowned agri practices from farmers and experts
    Instant Payments: Facilitate Instant Payments to Farmers
    Agri Doctor: Realtime consultations from renowned agri doctors
    Quality & Quantity:  Assured quality & quantity consistently
    Real-time Tracking :Buyer can track the entire transaction

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri- tech

    Website: https://www.khetim.in/onboarding

    Incorporated: August 1, 2022

    Address: E-69, SURYA NAGAR ALWAR Alwar Rajasthan, India , 301001

    Contact No: 99880 09817

    Name: Chirag Gupta

    Email: chirag@khetim.in