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Company Overview:

BAEL is building a B2B agri platform which allows agri commodity buyers to find a wide range of commodities with multiple sellers. It also enables sellers to list their commodities and get access to a huge network of buyers.

Founder :

Nitin Razdan
Co-founder & CEO

The Problem:

Limited access to new buyers & sellers

Lack of access to financial products

Credit driven business

Limited access to technology

The Solution :

Free SaaS: We are the only player in this space having Free SaaS – product first approach
BlockchainTechnology: Blockchain platform to facilitate multi-party interaction on real-time basis
Easy Financing: One click supply chain finance through lender agnostic platform creating PSL portfolio.
Integrated Value-added service: Storage, logistics service through partners & risk mitigation services

Company Profile:

Nitin Razdan

Co-founder & CEO

Email ID:

2nd-time Ag-tech Entrepreneur A decade of experience in Scaling

Financial Services Businesses

Agri-tech & Allied Sector

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