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Intello Labs Pvt. Ltd.



Intello Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Company Overview:

Intello labs began with use cases where we could build, test and deploy AI solutions rapidly before launching into chosen markets with confidence. Intello labs are recognized as a de-facto business for expert AI capability in solutions that satisfy real-world challenges in near real time. Its specialties are Computer Vision Deep learning, Image Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Networks and Machine Learning (ML), Price Monitoring, Seller Monitoring, Consumer Behaviour, Competitive Landscape.

Founder :

Mr Milan Sharma

The Problem:

In Indian Agriculture, there are several inefficiencies; first of all, there is a massive issue of transparency; farmers do not have adequate knowledge of how good their product is, and hence how to price it. Similarly, commodity buyers’ face challenges with their current buying practices; they do not have a high level of confidence in current assaying processes; they look at quality reports with suspicion.

The Solution :

Intello Labs aims to revolutionize agriculture by enabling farmers, traders, millers, retailers and end users in communication though images for product quality, infestation, plant health or even soil conditions. They provide advanced image recognition technology that can recognize objects, faces, flora fauna and tag them in any image. At the centre of our technology are high performance deep learning algorithms on which a new generation of intelligent applications are being built for applications including agriculture, E-Commerce, advertising, manufacturing and curation.

Company Profile:


Incubated on: September 2017


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