• SS Maser Technology

    Company Overview:

    SSMED is India’s leading Bio-Medical Waste Handling Company with World Bank contracts, CBWTF installations, O & M, customized consumables etc. With expertise, infrastructure and manpower for effectively establishing and efficiently running Central Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities (CBWTF), they have an In-House Training & continued education team to ensure “Best Quality” training to paramedics and doctors for bio medical waste handling.


    Mr Monish Bhandari – Founder

    The Problem:

    Environmental Hygiene, waste management getting high quality /standards for the public health and safety solutions of the patients.


    The Solution :

    SS Maser has focused on building robust products and environment-friendly epidemic infection control solutions. The company has developed an innovative microwave infection control device, SterilSmart a “Microwave-assisted Cold Sterilization (MACS)” for Point of Generation (POG) treatment for sterilization is amazingly disruptive and pro-planet. SterilSmart™ is essentially a revolutionary method to prevent the patient from secondary infections caused by hazardous wastes generated from healthcare facilities. Easy to install, Plug and Play, a unit with customizable and user-friendly nine dedicated algorithms.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Med-tech

    Website: https://maserplc.com/

    Incorporated: 23 January 2014

    Address: B-43, FIRST FLOOR, OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA, PHASE-1, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

    Name: Mr Monish Bhandari

    Email: monish@ssmedworld.com