• Keep It Fresh

    Company Overview:

    Keep-it-fresh LLP offers innovative solutions for post-harvest protection of fresh produce, ensuring optimal air quality during transportation and storage. It utilises several packaging technologies in combination for shelf-life extension that reduces ethylene levels and lowers the respiration rate. This improves the quality and maintains the good state of fruit, vegetables and flowers in the entire supply chain.


    Mr. Mukul Sareen

    The Problem:

    High post-harvest losses and sub-standardized shelf-life management of the fruits and vegetables and lack of innovative solutions to improve the quality of the fruits, vegetables and flowers.


    The Solution :

    Keep-It-Fresh products are designed for the shelf-life extension of the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The range of products utilise different technologies for different products like ethylene adsorption, modified atmosphere packaging, Anti-microbial packaging, SO2 gas release, and oxygen absorption.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Food-tech

    Website: https://keep-it-fresh.com/

    Incorporated: 29th June 2018

    Address: Plot No. 18, Sec. 6, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon – 122050

    Name: Mukul Sareen

    Email: mukul@keep-it-fresh.com