• Rays Culinary Pvt. Ltd(Sattviko)

    Company Overview:

    Based on the concept of Satvik, they manufacture light, nutritious and easy to digest the wholesome meal. Food products with naturally sourced raw materials, no preservatives etc.


    Mr Prasoon Gupta

    The Problem:

    The growing lifestyle diseases due to food consumption draws demand from consumers all over the world for healthy and natural alternatives. It cannot be easy if a food chain excludes scores of possible patrons by offering just vegetarian food. But there is a bright side: it becomes a segment player and creates a niche.


    The Solution :

    Sattvik food is light, nutritious, and easy to digest and always freshly prepared. The foods chosen for this diet bring clarity and balance both internally in the body as well as externally in the universe. Vegetables and fruits bursting with flavour, complementing each other in exotic preparations, all this and more is what you can expect as you walk into Sattviko.


  • Company Profile:

    Website: https://www.sattviko.com/

    Incorporated: January 2018