• Sainhun Ventures Pvt. Ltd.(Mega Blossom)

    Company Overview:

    Sainhun Ventures works with the mission of becoming a center of excellence for honey and honey by-products by serving as a pilot for locally relevant apiculture rural youth, it also aims to enable local economic growth in the rural and semi-urban sectors by mobilizing farmers to form honey producer groups. Efficient production of organic honey and allied products.


    Bremley Ibadaphunshisha Blah

    The Problem:

    Fake, adulterated or artificial honey are common these days like many other food commodities. It can be quite a challenge to distinguish between fake and pure honey. Such products affecting badly to the consumer’s health.


    The Solution :

    Blossom is a registered brand focusing on the production and selling of pure natural honey as per FSSAI norms, in the Shillong market with two main products, Orange Honey and Multiflora Honey. The Orange honey processed is harvested from the (GI) Khasi Mandarin orchards in Cherrapunjee, which highly sorts after and in demand in the Indian marketplace.


  • Company Profile:

    Incorporated: March 2017