• Wastelink Sustainability Services pvt ltd (Waste Link)

    Company Overview:

    Wastelink Sustainability Services pvt ltd (Waste Link) is a food-to-feed recycler that helps food manufactures manage their surplus and waste by transforming it into nutritional feeds for animals. We make reverse logistics transparent and intelligent for our clients through a combination of data, analytics, and waste stream expertise. We build trust and transparency by providing unprecedented visibility to our clients into their removal chain and reverse logistics operations.


    Mr. Saket dave, Founder & CEO

    The Problem:

    Many food manufacturers used different type of raw materials for the formation of the products which leads to large amount of by – products and residues. This waste can cause different types of pollution, so it is necessary to recycle it and make it suitable for animal feed if possible also It will help to maintain the balance of an ecosystem.


    The Solution :

    Believe in zero-landfill solutions to waste and design the technologies for the waste management.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Food recycling sector

    Website: https://wastelink.com

    Incorporated: 2018

    Address: 1238 Rai Industrial Estate, Sector 38, Sonipat, Haryana 131029

    Name: Mr. Saket dave, Mr. Krishnan Kasturirangan

    Email: krishnan@wastelink.co