• Modish Tractor Aur Kisan Private Limited (Balwaan Agri)

    Company Overview:

    Balwaan focuses on building a multi-brand machinery platform in affordable farm equipment by solving the biggest problem of distribution and awareness and at the same time supporting manufacturers to increase their last-mile reach by providing multiple selling channels. Balwaan Agri’s key vision is to improve profitability and quality of life for farmers by providing accessibility of affordable mechanization solutions at the village level. Balwaan successfully sold 55000+ equipment via B2C and B2C channels.


    Mr.Rohit Bajaj, Founder

    The Problem:

    Labour cost for various agri activities is 53% of the total input cost. In view of the shortage of labour in rural areas,costs are increasing continuously. Also to fulfil the perpetually rising demand of agricultural produce required by the growing national population. Farmers need to adopt light & automated farm equipment, thus ensuring high productivity, efficient harvesting & financial growth.

    The Solution :

    Balwaan Agri as a platform not only brings awareness of new farming techniques and tools but also offers the latest machinery at an affordable and competitive pricing ranging from 1k to 150k. Creating multi-distribution channels. Offering 1000+ Product mix. Ensuring last-mile COD deliveries.Robust Post-sales service and training infrastructure. Overall Balwaan Agri provides an ecosystem in the affordable farm machinery segment


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Farm mechanisation

    Website: http://www.balwaan.com/

    Incorporated: 10 July 2016

    Address: C-17 Purohit ji bass, Road no. 1, bais godan ind Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India

    Name: Mr. Rohit Bajaj

    Email: rohit@balwaan.com