• Bhookha Haathi Hospitality Pvt Limited.

    Company Overview:

    BhookhaHaathi Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s first and fastest-growing alternative foods & health based B2B2C nutraceutical-tech company. Its working towards providing 100% natural/organic personalized nutraceutical replacements to major ameliorate health conditions with nutritional and technological interventions at affordable rates. Bhookha Haathi Replace takes its consumers one step closer to a healthier diet by offering them nutritious, wholesome and tasty choices as an alternative to the nutrient-deficient ingredients in their daily diet.


    Mr. Abhimanyu Rishi, Founder

    The Problem:

    “There are around 232 million tobacco-users in India, of which 30 percent are into the habit of chewing tobacco. Tobacco chewing is an serious issue leads to death of many people.


    The Solution :

    Bhookha Haathi is pioneering the way with a range of dry fruits, nuts and herbs based healthy refreshers and mouth fresheners that not only boost energy but also help in getting rid of unhealthy and harmful chewing habits. Our popular range of dry-fruit and nut-based health boosters are a great alternative to unnatural protein, vitamin and other powders commonly available in the market. Their Vision to to provide a personalized nutraceutical replacement to major ameliorate health conditions with affordable nutrition and technological interventions.”


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri and allied sector

    Website: https://www.bhookhahaathi.com/

    Incorporated: 2018

    Address: No. 7, K. No. 249/1, Balaji Layout, next to Chrysalis High School, Horamavu Agara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

    Name: Mr. Abhimanyu Rishi

    Email: cs@bhookhahaathi.com