• Quantrello Digital Pvt. Ltd. (Qlikchain)

    Company Overview:

    Quantrello Digital Pvt Ltd aims to create sustainable value chains & solvent communities via solutions in digital profiling, capacity building, and audited provenance, secure marketplaces structured in a transparent, inclusive and decentralized network of stakeholders.


    Mr. Ayon Hazra, Founder

    The Problem:

    The major challenge addressed is stated as below:
    a) Small farmers Access to Captive Market
    b) Access to Capital
    c) Build Creditability & Assurance

    The Solution :

    a) Investing in sustainable food network

    b) Building creditability of farmers & farm produce.

    c) Transparency & Traceability in supply chain

    d) Local short chains to lower input cost, carbon footprint and fair wealth distribution to farmers.

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Animal husbandry

    Website: www.qlikchain.com

    Incorporated: July 2019

    Address: Unit No 1203, 12th Floor, Signet Tower, DN-2, Sector V, Bidhannagar Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

    Name: Mr. Ayon

    Email: ayon@qlikchain.com