• EDLP Retail Solutions Private Limited (Zaroor)

    Company Overview:

    FMCG/grocery retail focused startup using technology and efficient distribution as tools to improve the incomes of potentially millions of small and medium retailers. Our model is designed to improve the sales of a small shop & improve the way the shop is run by a single in-store person.


    Mr. Aditya Paranjape, Co-founder

    The Problem:

    The FMCG retail industry in India is highly fragmented and unorganized consisting predominantly of small, independent, owner-managed shops who are facing constraints like minimum order quantity, weekly/fortnightly supply, inconsistent availability, poor fill rates, unplanned inventory and other sales related issues.


    The Solution :

    EDLP Retail Solutions is a provider of suite solutions for businesses. It uses technology, analytics, and automation for a retailer to convert general trades into modern trades. The technology helps in creating customer engagement via personalized offers, ordering, and more. The analytics will help in JIT inventory and automation helps in managing complex operations.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agribusiness

    Incorporated: January 2020

    Address: J-805, Purva Panorama Apartments, Kalena Agrahara, B G Road, BANGALORE Bangalore KA 560076 India

    Name: Mr. Aditya Paranjape

    Email: aditya@edlp.app