Company Overview:

    GFresh Agrotech (Company) is a B2B supply chain company that caters to Vegetables (currently onions) demand of vegetable wholesalers/retailers & Hotels-Restaurants-Cafes (HoReCa). The company is revolutionizing the vegetable supply chain & creating a significant impact by empowering small farmers and getting rid of middlemen who manage an ineffectual supply chain.


    Naman G Dungarwal & Shubham G Dungarwal

    The Problem:

    Despite being one of the largest contributors to the economy, the farmers in India are grappling with various issues such as the low realization of produce, exploitation from middlemen, high debt, lack of storage facilities, climatic changes, etc. due to which farmers continue to remain below the poverty line. The biggest obstacle in increasing farmers’ income in India & creating an efficient supply chain are the profiteering middlemen, commission agents, traders and wholesalers who take a significant chunk of the profits from the farmers’ produce.


    The Solution :

    The company directly sources the produce from farmers & directly supplies the produce to B2B clients comprising Wholesalers/retailers, HoReCa and other corporate customers. It completely eliminates middlemen, assures quality and appropriate weight of the products, optimizes the supply chain through quick processing & timely logistics, thereby delivering fresh produce to its customers.

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri-tech

    Website: https://gfreshagrotech.com/

    Incorporated: 13/06/2019

    Address: 2039 A Pandit Mohalla, Garhi Village, Alipur North West Delhi, Delhi 110036 India

    Name: Naman G Dungarwal & Shubham G Dungarwal

    Email: office@gfreshagrotech.com