Company Overview:

    PoultryMon is a real-time remote monitoring solution for Poultry hatcheries and farms for increased visibility enabling increase in efficiency and quality enhancing transparency and traceability using AI and IoT PoultryMon demonstrates the added value of connectivity and complete visibility into the hatching process minimizes the possibilities of human errors and fraud by enhancing transparency and traceability.


    Mr. Srinivas Chindam, Founder and CEO

    The Problem:

    Poultry hatcheries are unorganized and most of the machinery is manual, and so are the operations. This makes it difficult to control and maintain the required levels of temperature, often causing damage to the output. With manual monitoring and extremely high levels of hygiene, the maximum production is 75-80 percent of the total eggs incubated


    The Solution :

    They are the pioneers in the Indian Poultry industry to implement IoT and AI to revolutionize the existing production process. Their product offerings range from breeder farms to processing units has potential to bring paradigm shift in the poultry industry from farm to fork that fits the entire value chain.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri-tech

    Website: www.mlitsol.com

    Incorporated: 28th March 2018

    Address: T –Hub, Gachibowli, Hyderabad- 500032

    Name: Ms. Archana Chindam

    Email: archana@mlitsol.com