• Aqgromalin Farm Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

    Company Overview:

    Aqgromalin focuses to increase farmer income especially small landholders by supplementing the revenue through innovative growth ideas and help them implement them with the dedicated team. Currently providing access to all required materials to immediately start operations. It also provides buy back policy ensuring farmers to get a fair price for the produce. Aqgromalin act as a Farm Diversification platform for improving farm incomes. Aqgromalin working as an alternate farm income source generator for the farmer partners.


    Mr. Prasanna Manogaran – CEO and Founder

    The Problem:

    The major challenge in today’s agriculture sector which results in
    following problems faced by the farmers:
    a) As due to seasonality crops been grown by the farmers are totally dependent on one
    seasonal crops resulting in high credit burden to the farmers.
    b) As farmers are totally dependent on market assessment which is totally dependent on
    middle men resulting in unpredictable market price and input supply.

    The Solution :

    1. Design Ready to implement micro projects
    2. Sell these kits to the potential farmers.
    3. One stop solution for micro projects
    4. Training and consulting of the best services.
    5. Installation kit & farm support.
    6. Restocking for the next cycle.
    7. Farm Engagement App for farmer relationship, customer reach; produce sourcing,
    input material selling
    8. Digitize farms to establish traceability of produce through IoT, Block Chain technology.

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri-tech

    Website: www.aqgromalin.com

    Incorporated: October 2020

    Address: No-3/595, 16 KPN Complex, Bye Pass Road, Thiruvallur Nagar, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu-635001

    Name: Mr. Prasanna Manogaran

    Email: prasanna@agromalin.in