• Arnetta Technologies

    Company Overview:

    Arnetta is a B2B technology company ushering a convergence of Agriculture technology with the agriculture inputs enterprise ecosystem, one digital innovation at a time.


    Mr. Vishwanath Nandagudi , CEO

    The Problem:

    Millions of data points are collected & analysed in the 3-6 year cycle of the hybrid seed commercialization process.
    Seed companies & Seed Research Institutions invest immense time & resources in R&D & new product development.
    Manual/semi-automatic data collection, analysis & reporting is time consuming, inefficient and inaccurate.

    The Solution :

    iBRMS (Integrated Breeding & Research Management System)
    • Complete Automation of Nursery, Trial & PD
    • Data Standardisation with One touch historical data upload & access
    • Role based access & deployable on the cloud
    • Field data recording by app & phenotyping
    • Functional planning& project design
    • Configurable analysis coupled with seed performance prediction

    iSPS ( Integrated Seed Production System)

    • Production Planning
    • Customer & Grower Management
    • Order, Stock & Despatch Management
    • Configurable analysis of crop & grower performance.
    • Mobile Apps for recording field and crop data

  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agri- tech

    Website: https://www.arnettatech.com/

    Incorporated: 5 July 2021

    Address: 359, 16th Main, 4th T Block East, Pattabhirama Nagar, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041

    Name: Vishwanath Nandagudi

    Email: Vishwanath@arnettatech.com