• Connedit Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Farmley)

    Company Overview:

    A digital B2B ecosystem for tech enabled procurement of food commodities. Developed an e-commerce system to sell and process orders. Farmley is one of the leading Agri Commodity brands of India creating a dynamic yet stable platform for suppliers and wholesale consumers. We source commodities like Nuts and dry fruits, seeds, spices directly from the place of origin, develop systems and processes to fulfil deliveries right at Customer doorstep.


    Mr Akash Sharma

    The Problem:

    75% of an SME’s & Restaurant’s income goes in procuring recurring raw materials due to inefficient Food Supply chain and it happened due to:
    Overcharged rates for unsecured credit terms
    Lower margins to farmers who produce
    High costs due to multiple middlemen & warehousing
    Unclear demand & sales projections for manufacturers

    The Solution :

    Technifybiz is a B2B technology driven food wholesale platform. On the supplier side we have a broad base of suppliers with stringent quality measures and customized solutions, whereas on the customers end we supply to big industries to small wholesalers.


  • Company Profile:

    Website: https://www.farmley.com/

    Incorporated: 10 July 2018