• ECSO Global Pvt. Ltd.(Absolute Food)

    Company Overview:

    Absolute food uses a hydroponic system with IoT sensors to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Based upon the unique plant biology and growth requirements we are able to provide plants optimal levels of moisture, nutrition, light wavelengths, frequency, and spectrum at the right time in the growth cycle to build exponentially on their nutritional content.


    Mr Agam Khare, Founder

    The Problem:

    As the world population explodes and resources become scarce, it becomes imperative to grow more & better per unit area of land. Absolute Fresh has championed Yield, Taste, Purity & Nutrition while utilizing less than 5% resources used in traditional farms.


    The Solution :

    The company is using hydroponics/vertical farming techniques to grow crops in specialized vertical farms under tightly controlled conditions. The grown crop is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They can harvest and deliver fruits and vegetables as quickly as the same day which can assure the freshness of produce with longer shelf life and nutrition.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Clean-Tech

    Website: https://www.absolutefoods.in/

    Incorporated: June 2015

    Address: Delhi NCR, Absolute Foods, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 2

    Name: Mr. Agam Khare