• Rowan Agronature Pvt. Ltd.(AgroNature)

    Company Overview:

    Rowan Agronature is a company floated by a group of technocrats and professionals with extensive knowledge of Agricultural Business. Driven by a strong passion in organic farming and thus improving the quality of soil through the earth’s natural growth principles, Agrionature practices what it preaches. Over 100 acres of agricultural land has been set aside in Bijapur for organic farming. Extensive field based research and thorough understanding of diverse climatic conditions have helped them formulate a range of cost effective solutions for organic farming and bio-remediation.


    Mr Umesh Devrukar, Founder

    The Problem:

    India is the fastest growing large economy in the world. The distribution of the benefits of India’s growth are highly concentrated, however, with 1 percent of the population accounting for 22 percent of national income and the bottom 50 percent accounting for just 15 percent. For India to achieve equitable growth, one necessity is to enable the development of a workforce with employable skills and knowledge that can effectively contribute to and benefit from the nation’s growth.


    The Solution :

    They are providing market linkage to farm produce with value addition at source through a network of Rural Entrepreneurs backed by technology and credit platform. Other services include:
    a.) Marketing and distribution of Herbal products in wellness segments.
    b.) Manufacture of Corncob – Lab animals/ Cat/dog/ companion animal bedding materials.
    c.) Project Management and Turnkey Consulting in Farming, Organic farming, Livestock, Poultry, sustainable farming, rural development, skill development and activities and projects in the related filed etc.
    d.) Marketing and distribution of Herbal based products in Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, and Poultry and Wellness segments


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Clean-Tech

    Website: www.agronature.in

    Incorporated: December 2015


    Name: Mr. Umesh Devrukar

    Email: umesh.devrukar@agronature.in