• Krishiacharya technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Bijak)

    Company Overview:

    Bijak is a platform that gives agricultural commodity buyers and sellers better prices, increased working capital, and optimized logistics. A B2B platform for agricultural commodities that gives buyers and sellers better prices, increased working capital and optimized logistics, traceability.


    Mr Nukul Upadhyay

    The Problem:

    High friction for transacting across Mandi’s is due to social trust. A supplier usually works with just4-5 buyers that he trusts. The trust deficit prevents free trade and inhibits competition.


    The Solution :

    Access to the largest network of verified buyers and sellers with accurate price data. Buyer and seller ratings to bring accountability incentivize good behavior and address trust deficit. Quick and real time disbursal of loans to buyers, enabling immediate payment to suppliers. Fast, safe and reliable method to manage large value transactions. Optimized &aggregated logistics based on real-time transaction data and commodity flow.


  • Company Profile:

    Website: www.bijak.in

    Incorporated: June 2019