• Agrilinks Pvt Ltd

    Company Overview:

    Agrilinks is a mobile-only data-driven online wholesale marketplace for fresh fruits and vegetables connecting farmers at the supply end and bulk buyers such as wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, caterers, etc. at the demand end with full-stack fulfillment capabilities. IoT based platform for buying selling, supply chain management and the price prediction of fruits, vegetables.


    Mr. Shashank Shekhar – Co-founder and CEO

    The Problem:

    The agriculture sector is infected by a multitude of problems ranging at a pre-harvest stage such as financial services, etc. to post-harvest stage such as selling at the right price, etc.
    Without a proper agriculture marketing system, the farmer wouldn’t have money to invest in products/services that solve the other problems. Lack of an effective agriculture marketing system impact all the stakeholders along the supply chain


    The Solution :

    Agrilinks follows a hybrid model of connecting farmers with both Retailers and Commission Agents at the demand city mandis.. Agrilinks is a full-stack marketplace for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    Agrilinks aims to streamline and bring transparency to the supply chain of Fruits & Vegetables. Agrilinks forecasts weekly supply and demand patterns and does the purchasing accordingly. The warehouses at the village level and city level help with the grading processes and farmer’s receiver better and consistent incomes while retailers pay a lesser price for a better quality of produce.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agritech

    Website: https://gramoday.net/

    Incorporated: 30 September 2019

    Address: A-103, Skytech Matrott, Sector 76, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304

    Name: Mr. Shashank Shekhar

    Email: shashank.shekhar@agrilinks.in