• Klonec Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Krishitantra)

    Company Overview:

    Krishitantra (Klonec automation systems Pvt ltd) is involved in developing cutting edge farm data acquisition and cloud monitoring system, Krishitantra’s mission is to make farming scientific for farm productivity and sustainability.


    Mr. Sandeep Kondaji – CEO & Founder

    The Problem:

    In India, available soil lab to farmer ratio is 1: 1.42 lakh farmers, which makes it highly inaccessible for a farmer to get their soil analysis done from the lab. Soil quality alone contributes to about 60% of the productivity for the crop.


    The Solution :

    Krishitantra has developed a portable device to determine the soil quality, the farmer can get his soil report instantly along with the interpretation of the soil analysis. The solution is an automated system which takes soil as input and provides all macro and micronutrients report within minutes, the system requires no expertise to operate and is portable and also can be powered by solar. The system generates a report, cloud-based interpretation and advisory provide the farmer required information on his mobile phone in regional language.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agritech

    Website: https://krishitantra.com

    Incorporated: 3rd March 2017

    Address: No 2-53(1), NH66, Pangala, Udupi – 576122, Karnataka, India

    Name: Sandeep Kondaji

    Email: Sandeep.kondaji@krishtantra.com