• IndusTill FarmTech Pvt. Ltd. (Brand: TracTill)

    Company Overview:

    IndusTill FarmTech Pvt. Ltd. is coming up with revolutionary farm-utility-automobile for small and marginal farmers of India. We are introducing a new segment in farm-equipment space which will change the way farming is done in India. We, at IndusTill, are committed to providing an automobile which will be useful to farmers at every stage of crop-life-cycle.


    Shrilesh R. Mande, Co-Founder & CEO

    The Problem:

    Labor cost for various agri activities is 53% of total input cost. In the view of shortage of labor in rural areas, both these costs are increasing continuously. Farmland Fragmentation puts many limitations to farmers. With reduced farmland sizes and reduced income, the investment capacity of farmer has been decreased. Less control over quality & timeliness of operations with rented equipment, labor shortage etc. Hiring cost of machinery is increasing day by day Increasing the distance between crop lines to accommodate mini tractor is affecting productivity.


    The Solution :

    The patented TracTill instrument has the highest year-around usability, affordability equal to power tiller, combines advantages of power tiller, mini-tractor and tool carrier high comfort rating, best Inter- cultivator, safe and easy to handle compared to traditional machines. The product has a bent chassis, with implement mounting in between multiple power outputs, effective packaging with multiple inbuilt functionalities.


  • Company Profile:

    Sector: Agriculture

    Website: https://www.indiamart.com/industill-farmtech/

    Incorporated: 2018

    Address: Building A, Flat No. 2105 Sinhagad Road, Nanded City, Pune – 410041, Maharashtra, India

    Name: Shrilesh Mande