• Kailash Agro Cold Storage (KACS)

    Company Overview:

    M/s Kailash Agro Private Limited is a company have a state-of-the-art cold storage at Village Devli. A 2000 MT CA Cold Storage Facility with state-of-the-art machine from ISOLCELL ITALIA S.P.A. and Ammonia Refrigeration from Frick India. It deals with cold storage management related to agriculture.


    Mr Karthik

    The Problem:

    As the major challenges farmers face is the loss of their produce due to no getting sell their produce which leads to loss of their products.


    The Solution :

    Indicold come up with a solution that farmers produce can be stored at cold storage unit resulting to make their produce safe for longer period.


  • Company Profile:

    Website: http://www.indicold.in/

    Incorporated: September 2019